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Another year down, two more years of high school to go. Happy summer everyone (even if it’s a few days early!) Advertisements

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I love staff professional days…

I have off this Friday from school because the teacher’s have some thing going on (probably workshops and boring stuff like that.) But hey, it’s a day off so I ain’t complaining. I’ll either be working on a podcast, working on getting the … Continue reading

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The end of Spring Break…

Darn. Why must the ends of breaks from school come so quickly? Well I had a pretty good break at least. Break for me started Friday the 21st. Didn’t do anything then really. Just did some stuff online. 22nd I … Continue reading

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1 Week Until Break!

5 days 23 hours and 33 minutes until my spring break from school starts. My Dad’s going out to CA to visit his dad and mom, my bro, and I plan on going out to NYC for a day. I … Continue reading

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Oh boy! Four day weekend and a cold to go with it…

OK, good news first. I got a four day weekend! I was off Friday already and have Monday off as well. We also didn’t get another huge ice storm for Valentines Day this year. Thank god; that one last year … Continue reading

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