Site Information

Welcome to my blog! If you’re looking for information about how things work on here, this is the right place.

How do I comment?

To post a comment, you’ll either need to sign in with your existing account or create a new one. In addition, all comments are moderated. That means it has to be approved before it shows up to the public.

How do I sign in?

Click here. There’s also a link at comment forms.

What is the Promotions page?

Promotions is a page listing all the posts that are a promotion for a project I support or am a member of. These are unpaid, and created by me and without the request of the project staff (they’re notified about them of course).

How can I find out more about you?

OK, that’s a little creepy how I worded that, but oh well. For a list of my favorite stuff and stuff I support, check out the about me page.

Hey you have a screen name for (insert IM network here)! Will you be my friend?

Maybe. I don’t accept random friend requests. I only accept requests from people I “know” (like if you’re a “friend” from a community I’m on, such as ZREO or Gemakei). In addition, it’d be nice if you notify ahead of time you want to add me as a friend so I don’t hit ignore 😉

Can I search your blog?

Yes, the right sidebar lets you enter keywords, view the archives, or browse by tag.

What are the archives?

A dark, scary, unforgiving place. Just kidding. The archives are where old posts are saved.

What’s a tag?

Tags are words I use to describe posts. It makes it easier to find posts about a specific topic.

Hi! I’m a stupid bot. Can I spam you?

HELL NO. You will be blocked and reported to your ISP. Spam at your own risk you swine.

Hey that was mean!

Your point? Want to guess how much spam I had to deal with before I made commenting require an account?

Insert another stupid FAQ here

lol. Yes I like making lame jokes on here. Sorry about that.

Does this list ever end?

Yes it does. Right here actually 😀

For now. Hehehehehe.


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