Anything else not want to work today?

Ever since I updated QuickTime this morning, nothing on my computer seems to want to work correctly. Not only did QuickTime break my appearance preferences, it broke every other god damn one I have stored on my Mac. And no, I am not bullshitting that. I’ve been working the whole day to try and fix the damage. Everything but my theme is back to normal. I just don’t get how updating QT could break my theme program, Shapeshifter from Unsanity. I’ve had no problems with it until 7:10 this morning, after my computer rebooted from installing the QT update. Now finder and a bunch of other random apps are no longer themed. My other programs are showing up as they should so why the hell isn’t Finder and iTunes and iCal (just to name a few)? I’ve tried reapplying the theme and rebooting multiple times and even that won’t seem to fix it. I’ve checked to see if it’s the theme and it’s not. I’ve rebuilt all my chase files – not that either. Startup items, nope. Now I’m stuck seeing the butt ass ugly Aqua 10.4.11 theme randomly on applications. And incase you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty damn pissed off.

If anyone has any troubleshooting ideas, please, please, comment. I almost threw the keyboard at the monitor an hour ago.

Update: Finally got the son of a bitch working again. Now time to sleep.


About Stephen J. Weber

Geek, otaku, and public transit and elevator enthusiast. Do you know where your coffee is?
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