Ideas that would never happen…

Have you ever been faced with the felling of having a ton of ideas – possibly life changing one – floating around in your head, only that you know they could never happen? It’s happening to be a lot lately and it’s now starting to get to me. I’ve just got all these ideas for computers, operating systems, a whole damn company in fact – a company who’s goal is to produce products way ahead of their time, super advanced, and yet but outrageously easy to use. I’ve even got ideas for stores, schools, and entire cities… All ideas that will never happen for multiple reasons. Some I can’t even get out on to paper; they just come out wrong. The ones that do come out on paper right are the ones that really get me because I look at them and then come by to now – reality and just sigh, asking myself “Why do I go on with this? It’s not going to happen because you can’t code or design or anything and for fucks sake you’re only 15! You don’t have any of the stuff you’d need.”

The big thing that just screams impossible is that they start problem free. But then I do realize eventually problems will hit and then I come up with a leveled up idea of an idea. How pathetic is that? I’ve got names, tag lines, designs, interfaces, everything just in my mind, waiting and wanting so badly to come out and happen.

I’ll start with my dream company. It’s called Ai Inc and it’s headquartered on a private island in a dream country. 1 Future’s way, Ai Island, Destiny Islands. Lame isn’t it? I’ve even got a complete design idea for the headquarters. The company is just called Ai (they stop saying Ai Inc after the 25th anniversary) and they make computers, software and operating systems. It starts with AiOS One, a free, easy to use, but closed-source os. Two years later OSTwo goes out with 315 advances, the biggest of which is it is a completely new design. Ten years later Aurora is released, stunning the entire world by surpassing the Mac as the #1 os, a system that is even smaller in size than the Nintendo Wii, and has an unlimited length, holographic, multi-touch display that can even be operated from 30 ft away. The system also come bundled with a remote that is the size of an Apple Remote, uses motion tracking and is a simple LCD display that changes to fit the enviroment it’s controlling.

13 years later Aurora 2 is released as a 25th anniversary celebratory os. It features all the things that were in the Aurora betas but never made the cut due to a lack of technological support. I am 31 years old when this happens.

I haven’t worked out anything after that, only the 50th anniversary celebration. For our 50th year, we release NexGen, built from the ground up with brand new code and yet 900 improvements from the os before it. The system comes with 200 TB of storage, 6 TB of RAM and a 1 Thz processor all standard as the basic package for $1,500. The system also has an Artificial Intelligence system built-in, the first os to do so. Our logo also changes with the “i” of Ai extending downward to form the “t” in Thank below it; after Ai the number 50 appears with the zero extending down to make the “o” in You. Ai 50th anniversary: Thank you, for making it possible.

So yeah. That’s just the idea for the company that pays for my other ideas…

The company that will never happen.


About Stephen J. Weber

Geek, otaku, and public transit and elevator enthusiast. Do you know where your coffee is?
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