The end of Spring Break…

Darn. Why must the ends of breaks from school come so quickly? Well I had a pretty good break at least. Break for me started Friday the 21st. Didn’t do anything then really. Just did some stuff online. 22nd I was supposed to officiate a Brawl Tournament over WiFi but it got postponed because only 3 people entered šŸ˜¦ 23rd was Easter; my dad left to visit his dad in California and mom, my brother and I had a typical Easter – have the egg hunt in which he takes forever to find the eggs and I have to record it… 24th I hung out with a friend in the afternoon. 25th I can’t remember doing anything exciting.
26th I went to NYC with my family and a friend. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was OK but I wouldn’t go back. After the Met, we went to the 5th Ave Apple Store so my friend could buy a game. I only went up and down the elevator a few times XD (yes that thing is so damn cool and I sorta have an obsession with elevators XD). Oh I forgot about before we even got to NY (sorry for jumping around). Anyway, I had a quick Orthodontist check up at 8:45. Then we got breakfast and drove to the Little Sliver Train Station only to find the metered lot completely full :O So then we went the the Red Bank station… FULL. We spent a bloody hour trying to get a parking space before my friend called his cousin in Middletown for directions to the Middletown station. Finally got there at like 10 (maybe 11 can’t remember). Got a spot easily and finally got a train to NYC.
Now jumping back to NY after the Apple Store… So after the store we got drinks at Starbucks in Trump Tower while we decided where to go for dinner. We were thinking about Chinese food but ended up going to TGI Fridays. After Fridays we walked back to Penn Station and passed Macy’s on the way. We didn’t go in but the outside was freaking huge!
Now on to the 27th; mom, my brother and I were going to go to the Liberty Science Center and use our complementary passes but we were way too tired to do so.
On the 28th my dad came back home and I hung out with the same friend I went to NYC with and had a sleep-over at his house. I was there until 4 the next day…
And now lastly today, the 30th. I woke up at 12ish (not good for school tomorrow – have to be up at 6…) ate lunch and did home work until 3 (stupid, evil book). After homework I took a break and worked on getting on the stages in Brawl unlocked. After that was dinner, news, bed making, and now typing this.

So that was my break. Most eventful Spring break I’ve had in a while.
I’m all out. Peace out guys, if you were on break I hope you had a good one too.

PS: Here’s the bag I got from the 5th ave Apple Store. Unfortunately it’s not the big one that you can wear like a back pack but it’s a cool enough collectors thing (I guess).
Apple store 5th aveĀ bag
That’s be my burnt-out lamp to the side. Sorry the quality is so crappy; took this with my webcam.


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