G4’s X-Play- Leveled up or leveled down?

Well I just turned off X-Play for the same reason I did before it “leveled up.” The only leveling up I see is set design and even worse writing. That’s right, X-Play still SUCKS. I can’t believe it’s still airing on G4, in fact I think it’s one of the worst shows I’ve ever watched. The only reason I turned it on was because they’re supposed to be covering GDC ’08. The truth, FOR 5 MINUETS. Not only is the show bad, the hosts are even worse and by worse, I mean annoying wanna-bes. Christ almighty get a life! X-Play does not deserve to “cover” GDC at all. X-Play needs to get smart and be more like Attack of the Show, but not an hour long like AOTS. AOTS is so much funnier, better written and actually watch-able.

Bottom line, on a scale of 0-5 X-Play scores a 0.5


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2 Responses to G4’s X-Play- Leveled up or leveled down?

  1. bonderla says:

    Wow, so your review is that the show is “bad” and the hosts are “annoying wanna-bes.” What do they want to be? Hosts of a TV show? Well, they are that. I started out not liking this show either, but they’ve gotten better and better and now I like watching it daily – and I don’t even really play games anymore (other than Rock Band).

    I don’t understand why you want it to be a 30-minute AOTS. That’s a fun show, too, but certainly there’s room for different flavors of tech entertainment.

    Seacrest OUT!

    *Comments merged*

    And oh yeah: Bustin’ makes me feel good! 🙂

  2. francehopper says:

    In reply to bonderla:
    You do bring up some good points.
    First off, I don’t want it to be an exact copy of AOTS I was stating that AOTS is a good, better show and X-Play could learn from it (meaning how it’s written, managed, segments, etc.) AOTS has stuff I actually care about watching. X-Play, on the other hand just dishes out information I could easily find elsewhere.
    As for the hosts, when I said wanna-bes I was referring to how to some times try to act like other, better show hosts. It’s obvious they already are TV hosts – why would I be blogging about their show if they weren’t? My point is they need to grow up, get a life, and change the way they host fast.

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