Super Smash Bros Brawl

No spoilers included. Safe to read.

Even though no spoilers are included, I hid the post just in case you don’t want to read anything. To read it, click the “Read the rest” link.

OMFG. I just read an article about a hands on with the Japanese version… Brawl has got to best the best and most revolutionary game Nintendo has ever produced. The game’s size itself is true amazing – 7.5gb dual layered DVD. That is a lot of content and game-play to be had. The music, videos, and pictures all look beautiful. I’ll admit I was pretty disappointed it got pushed back again to March 9th but it looks damn well worth waiting for. I think I may even reserve a copy. If Nintendo ever comes out with another Smash Bros game, it looks like they’re gonna have a hell of a game to beat.


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