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Well last week sure took forever to end. The nice thing is I didn’t have as many tests/quizzes and as much homework as I was expecting. I’ve got a three day weekend for MLK Day (off monday) which is really nice and needed. I might be hanging out with one of my friends later and might also have a sleep-over; as to where, I don’t know yet.

I’ve also been trying my luck on ebay lately trying to get an iPod Touch because I don’t have $300 to blow at the Apple Store. I’m actually just $100 away. But I’ve been bidding on new one on ebay, hoping to get lucky at some point. I’m willing to wait and be beat a lot because I really want the iTouch. If I win one, I’ll be able to give mom back her 1st gen 512mb shuffle that she never used so she gave it to me. I got screwed out of one auction. One 8gb touch went for $182 because it got ended early. Unfortunately, I’ve been bidding on things as groups with a new feature that automatically bids on my behalf but with limitations and stuff so my bid never got placed in time to win. So yeah I was pretty pissed but I’m still trying.

Moving away from my iTouch situation, one of the online communities I belong to and support, NeoTech Gaming, is pending being shut down. It’s been going through some hard times lately. We need some new members and activity. We’re all trying our hardest to recruit and dig ourselves out the hole we’re in. One thing we’re thinking about doing is holding a contest with a prize of $100 for who ever wins. But if things don’t get better, the site will most likely be shut down in April due to hosting costs. NeoTech is more than just a forum. We also have a downloads section for game demos and patches. Our server is super fast so downloads complete pretty fast. Won’t you consider joining? We’d love to have you as a member.

Now what else… Oh yeah, if I watch you on DeviantART and haven’t commented on anything for a while it’s because I’ve been visiting less lately so I’ve got a lot of comments, journals, and deviations to take care of. My boxes are getting pretty full. Maybe some day I’ll get to them.

Oh yeah, the marking period in school ends this Friday. I’m hoping my grades will be good. I should be getting a letter in the package as well with a login for a program where I can check up on my grades, homework, etc. It’ll be pretty nice to have. I already used it last year to submit my schedule for this year as was like, “Wow! This thing is great! Why can’t we use it at home or just in general?” So yeah I’m pretty excited about it.

I also got bored of the theme on my computer so now I changed it to a theme that looks like OS X Leopard. It’s not a prefect copy but it gets the job done.

Well that’s all folks! I’m gonna go have some lunch.

PS- If you landed here from The Falconaire, this would be the blog of the Technology Editor.


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Geek, otaku, and public transit and elevator enthusiast. Do you know where your coffee is?
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