Happy belated thanksgiving.

It’s be almost 20 days since my last post. I wish I had some stuff to say. I really do. I love blogging but it’s hard to do it daily.

Anyhoo, my Thanksgiving break from school started with a half day last Wednesday. My aunt from Pittsburgh came out on Tuesday an left today at 11 or so. It was nice to have the company. We also went out shopping on Black Friday. It was actually rather fun despite the huge crows of people. I found a few things to add to my Christmas wish list 😉 My wish list is pretty small but has a few expensive things on there so I’m hopping to just get a lot of cash for Christmas. lol  

I also went to the beach to walk arround with my aunt, mom and brother on Thanksgiving while dad staied home cooking. The pictures I took can be found on my deviantART gallery at http://francehopper.deviantart.com 

In addition, I wrote an essay for This I Believe on NPR. From the reactions I’ve been getting I think people are liking it so I might have a chance to actually read it on air. That’d be cool, but I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ll be submitting it on Monday, or rather my English teacher will be when she mails a few out from my class and the others she has.

It’s getting mighty cold out here. Leaves have changed and a falling rapidly to the ground. However, when my aunt left she drove on part of the grass because she couldn’t tell where the driveway was backing up. It was really funny and clear out a few leaves. Just thinking about it now again is making me laugh a tad.

Dad’s downstairs setting up our Christmas villages. My brother and I each get one every year. My parents did a crappy job putting this year’s away so I’ve seen the names for what they got. Three so far but I forgot what they were now so that’s good. Still get a surprise.

My brother and I also pooled our money recently to buy Super Mario Galaxy. Minus the really annoying cameria in some parts and unorthodox control in some power ups, it’s a really fun game.

Well I’m out of stuff to say. If you want a laugh, you might want to consider reading this: http://lapurr.deviantart.com/journal/15541155/


About Stephen J. Weber

Geek, otaku, and public transit and elevator enthusiast. Do you know where your coffee is?
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One Response to Happy belated thanksgiving.

  1. DEDEDEJr says:

    XD Mah BOIIII. I never knew you had a blog!

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