PSATs and more…

Today I took the PSAT in school. OMG. It was really hard. I don’t think I did so hot.

So off that topic *shudders…

Apple now has a countdown to the launch of Leopard on their site. I also found out I won’t be able to run it 😦 So now I’m waiting to see if the price will drop any on Tiger before I go ahead and upgrade to it. Most likely it won’t…


Today was pretty good for the most part except it took me forever to finish my homework but I’m done now. Now I’m IMing with my friend waiting to get a last part of a file.

That’s really all. I got a funny thing from Drivers Ed today. I gotta scan it tomorrow and post it ’cause it has gotta be the funniest thing.

Also if you haven’t, you really should see the Fake Steve Blog and/or get it on RSS.

“If you ask that question again, I am going to lock this thread and smack you. Multiple people have answered your question multiple ways – a 74 year old grandma with Alzheimer’s can understand what Battlescapes is by now…”
– Master of Zelda on the ZREO forums (


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Geek, otaku, and public transit and elevator enthusiast. Do you know where your coffee is?
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