On October 15th, make a difference and my weekend.

Part 1)

October 15th is Blog Action Day. Show your support by visiting the site, blogactionday.org
Make a post concerning the environment. Show you care. I’ll be participating.

Part 2)

So I had a three day weekend as I have off from school today (Monday) for Columbus day.

Here’s what I did in a nutshell:
Friday-Sunday: 2nd State-wide Boy Scout Camporee and the Sea Girt State Police Academy.
Monday: Homework and hug out with my friend.


So I went camping this weekend at a Boy Scout Camporee. It was rather warm out and a lot of people were getting dehydrated. I didn’t ’cause I know what it’s like. It sucks. So yeah it was a lot of fun. I went to the one that was held back in ’04 too. This year was a lot better though because there was more to see and 10,000+ attendees. I got a few frebiees including a cool VIP collector patch. There was also a SWAT demo that generated a huge crowd.
That’s really it for that. In one word: awesome.

Today I did my homework, which was math and English and then hung out with my friend for the rest of the day. Now I’m going to go eat.

“The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work”
– Mark Twain

Remember, make a difference the 15th…


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Geek, otaku, and public transit and elevator enthusiast. Do you know where your coffee is?
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