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At last: Free music, legally

As hard as it might be to believe, it’s true. Spiralfrog.com allows members to download unlimited music for free. What’s the catch? Just renew your membership every 30 days to keep your music working.

So how does it work?

Spiral frog is an ad supported site in which most of the revenue form the ads goes to the participating record companies. In addition, the music is supported by DRM, technology used for copyright protection.This means that in order for your music to keep playing, you have to renew your subscription every 30 days. Don’t worry, that is free too and your music will not stop playing until day 31. On mp3 players, such as iPods, the limit is 60 days. Once you renew your subscription, be sure to sync up you iPod so your music keeps going. While that part might be a pain, I have no objections since the service is free.
The site launched September 17, 2007 and boasts a nice collection of music with new songs launching every week or so. In addition, it even has music videos too! One last thing of note, you’ll need to install some software off the site first before you can download music.
All in all, who can object to free music legally, even if it has a catch? I sure don’t. I easily give Spiral Frog five stars.

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