First post since… I guess forever

So I’m back. Not that anyone has even read this before. I’m gonna try and step things up a bit. Actually try and post for once.

Not much has changed since my last post. OK actually maybe quite a bit.
1) I’m now 15
2) My cousen got married on my birthday
3) I’m now in my second year of high school
4) I have a Mac and am hopeing I’ll be able to run Leopard
5) It’s… I think fall now.

So anywho… hmm what have I done yet today?

Woke up, eat breakfast, did my homework (I hate weekend homework), spent some times on places I’m a member of (NeoTech Gaming, ZREO Music, DeviantART- see links at bottom of page). I think then lunch, attempted to move my router (more later in this post) helped dad close up the pool some and that’s it so far today.

So yeah about my router… I’m taking an intro to networking class at school, which is not nearly as easy as I though it’d be. But so yeah back to router, I made a few ethernet wires so my router could be move from next to the family computer to my fireplace so I could get my Mac on our home network. Well Windows didn’t like that (damn Microsoft software). Keeps saying it can’t get a network address (pieve of shit) so now it has to be moved back until we can figure out a way to fix that. So yeah I’m pissed becuase this is the first time I’ve had a connection to the internet for more than 5 minuets.

So if you are actually reading this, please leave a comment. Amuse me 😛

Now I’ve signed off with a quote before and don’t feel like breaking that “tradition” so here it goes. “Profanity has become the dominate language of programers.” – Post, NeoTech Gaming (


About Stephen J. Weber

Geek, otaku, and public transit and elevator enthusiast. Do you know where your coffee is?
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