Happy friday!

Hello all again,
Well it’s Friday so first off, TGIF! Well it appears my weekend won’t be a homework free one as I got loaded with English and Math crap 😛 Don’t teachers know what a weekend is??? I suppose the good part of the day was I got to take a quiz and then leave my last period class for a Pizza Party for getting perfect attendance (easiest way to get in…). Also found out I got nominated for a few “M Awards” so I got my picture taken and am expecting to win something on June 8th or so (when every the heck it is).
Now I hope you all thought about the quote I ended with last time. What did it mean to you and has it changed any way you think about or act towards your friends? If yes, then good for you. If no…. well I guess you’ve got your reasons.
I got this file sharing/music streaming/remote access program yesterday called QNext 3.0 that actually works vs. 2.0 rather well. I’ve set it up for my music to be streamed online so next time I’ll try and get you guys the link to it…

Thats all I’ve got to say for now. Today’s quote (one of my own): “We are all genius in our own unique ways…” Think about that as it can have quite a few meanings, at least to me it does…. Enjoy the rest of the day and have a good weekend 🙂


About Stephen J. Weber

Geek, otaku, and public transit and elevator enthusiast. Do you know where your coffee is?
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